198 participants of Ladang Merdeka Teratak Pulai Received Earnings of RM 30,700

A total of 198 participants of Teratak Pulai Ladang Merdeka Project received earnings of RM 30,700 gained from 43 hectares of commercially cultivated paddy with centralised management using the Ladang Merdeka concept.

Each participant received between RM 200 - RM 700 depending on the areas of land owned at a rate of RM743/hectare which has doubled in comparison to the rate of RM350 of the previous season.

At the same time, a total of 120 needy individuals received zakat (tithe) from the project amounting to RM 14, 900 at the rate of RM 120 per person.

The profit revenue and zakat (tithe) presentation ceremony was held today and presented by the Deputy Chairman of the Bachok Parliamentary Agricultural Development Council, Dato ' Dr. Ilias Hussin. Also present were KADA General Manager, Haji Ibrahim Mat.

The Ladang Merdeka Project is a programme to group small paddy plots into larger lots and each lot is equipped with facilities such as water supply, irrigation and farm roads which made large scale commercial cultivation of paddy possible based on modern technology to increase rice production.

To date there are 16 Ladang Merdeka projects throughout KADA involving an area of 747 hectares of rice fields with the participation of 2,340 farmers.

198 Peserta Ladang Merdeka Teratak Pulai Terima Hasil RM 30,700