Sungai Ketereh AFO Launches Beef Serunding Products

Sungai Ketereh Area Farmers Organisation (AFO) takes another step forward in expanding agro-based business and industrial sectors by launching local beef serunding products. The programme is a collaboration between AFO members with the AFO, where the members act as the operators and product manufacturers while the AFO acts as the collector, packager and marketer.

It aims to assist in the marketing of products by members to expand production to increase the income of the operators and also as a source of income for the AFO.

AFO focuses on serunding produced using local beef because the products have better quality and are preferred over imported beef despite the higher price.

The product launch was officiated by the Kok Lanas State Legislative Assembly Member cum Chairman of the Sungai Ketereh AFO Datuk Mohd Alwi Ahmad during the Opening Ceremony of the AFO Annual General Meeting on 25 July. Also present, KADA General Manager, Hj. Ibrahim Mat.

Initially the Sungai Ketereh AFO targets a monthly sales of 3,000 packets in large supermarkets as well as through special order and it will be increased from time to time.

YB Datuk Alwi launching the beef serunding products