KOTA BHARU - The problem of irrigation in Agricultural Development Authority (KADA) expected to be completed later this month with the completion of the construction of barrages at Kemubu Pump House, Kemubu Village here.
KADA chairman Datuk Md Alwi Che Ahmad said the low dam across the Kelantan River near the pump house , will irrigate paddy fields covering more than 24,000 hectares in the state.

" Now more than RM13 million worth of construction is in the final stage to be completed about two weeks.

" The dam is to increase the water level of up to five meters away and that was enough to get into the house if the pump is not too bad drought . If the present situation, it is already possible to irrigate the rice fields, " he told reporters after visiting the pump house here today.

Present Committee on Agriculture , Biotechnology and Green Technology Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi and his entourage to review the construction of the dam .

Md Alwi said the construction of the dam has been repeatedly delayed for various reasons since the first was built in 2010, resulting in construction costs continue to increase.

He said there were more than 12,000 family farmers cultivating paddy in the supervised area KADA .

He said farmers are expected to plant rice for the new season in the next two months.

Meanwhile Md Alwi expressed regret that the state government too eager to allow the project to inhale sand in the river causing the water is shallow continued .

" Most close to the pump house is in a distance of about 500 meters and this is the problem going to happen, " he said.

Che Abdullah in response to request KADA technical report from the federal government to allow the state to assess the problems raised KADA .

" We are ready to cooperate with any agency of the federal government and all the problems that let the authorities at the federal level to review and provide a report , " he said. - Bernama


Source: Sinar Harian 03/18/2014