1. Plan and manage the production and increase the quality of non-rice output including vegetables, fruits, herbs, horticulture, precious woods, livestock, aquaculture, and crafts among others.

2. Identify and encourage the production and processing of value-added products which are most suitable for the market.

3. Plan and implement the development of entrepreneurial capability to increase competitiveness.

4. Encourage, restructure and modernize small and medium scale entrepreneurial output to become more dynamic and competitive at a global level.

5. Plan, encourage and organize promotional activities for agro-based products produced by farmers and entrepreneurs in the KADA region.

6. Coordinate and facilitate the provision of financial aid from both the government and the private sector in non-rice industrial programs.

7. Encourage the involvement and contribution of the private sector in the food production and marketing industry.

8. Monitor, identify and coordinate courses and training programs related to farmers and entrepreneurs.

9. Coordinate and cooperate with other agencies and experts with regard to production and research of food and non-food based entrepreneurial activities, to boost productivity and efficiency of production and marketing.

10. Strengthen the marketing system by developing and encouraging a network of marketing, packaging and certification of products produced by farmers and entrepreneurs.