1. Plan and implement development programs and modernization of mechanical engineering components, agricultural engineering, and electrical engineering components.

2. Plan and implement maintenance programs on all facilities and engineering equipment.

3. Carry out services related to farm mechanizations before and after harvesting.

4. Plan and coordinate usage of vehicles at the most optimum and efficient level.

5. Plan and implement ‘LVT' programs on all equipment and machinery based on the demands of the situation at hand.


1. Formulate a Long Term and Short Term Plan based on DPN3, MTEN and other new policies introduced by the government.

2. Provide annual budget allocation applications, and for the Malaysia Plan.

3. Coordinate the distribution of allocations and implementation of development projects under the Malaysia Plan.

4. Identify and manage fields of research and development towards further developing the agriculture sector and the target group.

5. Create and foster relationships with international bodies related to the field of agriculture and food production, as well as with local institutions towards gaining expert consultancy and research.

6. Develop and manage an Information and Communication (ICT) System to disseminate information for the use and benefit of the target group and the public in general.