Tamanan rice is a major commodity in the KADA. At the end of the RMK 9, Kada targeting rice production will be increased to 383.070 tons with production rate of 6.5 tons / ha to achieve self-sufficiency National of 90%. To achieve these targets, the following strategies are formulated:

1. Increasing production through the concept:

  • "Ladang Merdeka" is a concept of rice farming on a commercial scale under centralized management based on modern technology.
  • "Mini Estet Padi" or Plantation Estates Group, a collaboration of farmers cultivated rice in an integrated manner under the guidance of the PPK Kada.
  • Project 10 tons, intensive counseling to a group of farmers to achieve production of 10 tonnes / hectare to be emulated by other farmers.


2. Increase productivity and reduce production costs through:

  • Modernizing the irrigation system, pump houses and other basic facilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of water supply.
  • Emphasis on the use of modern technology and good agricultural practices.
  • Management of pests and diseases of crops in an integrated and efficient.
  • Improve knowledge and management efficiency among farmers through extension activities aggressive and effective.
  • Streamlining the business of supply of inputs, credit and marketing management scheme.
  • Work closely with various government agencies / departments, tertiary institutions and other bodies to get expert advice.


Sourse : Agriculture Division