Success Story (KADA guidance's entrepreneur)

Success Story is a compilation of anecdotes which tell the stories of individuals and the rewards and successes they have achieved through their hard work, particularly in the field of agriculture and activities in the area governed by the Kemubu Agriculture Development Authority (KADA). Mostly, they refer to agro-based activities which encompass animal husbandry, aquaculture, rice cultivation, and vegetable farming. All the successful individuals in their particular fields, gain guidance and aid from KADA whether it is in the form of advisory services and financial aids, in helping them expand their businesses.

It can be said that all of these successful individuals began from humble and limited beginnings, on their own, but through their diligence and hard work coupled with their passion and unwavering effort, their activities gained success and have been able to be expanded quickly, generating a handsome income in the process.

However, KADA through its personnel in the area, have been working extra hard to increase the number of successful agro-based entrepreneurs and farmers, in line with their slogan and the introduction of government policy promoting “AGRICULTURE IS BUSINESS”.