Alhamdulillah we have been successful through the challenging 2016, especially in terms of economics but with our efforts and cooperation we all can achieve it by winning various successes, especially in helping the farmers and entrepreneurs in the KADA area.

For 2016, KADA has received the allocation of RM73,200,000 from the Federal Government and RM25,760,000 for development. This provision has helped KADA to ensure farmers and entrepreneurs in the area are defenceless.

This is in line with the recommendation of Dato Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry which emphasizes the aspect of 'Food Sovereignty'.

As a department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, (MOA), KADA is bound to move in line with the ministry's requirements especially in the agriculture industry, mainly involving the country's paddy production.

To continue raising the results, KADA has introduced the ‘1 Bendang, 1 Jadual' program. This program is an initiative in the effort to increase rice production and reduce the water shortage that is always confined to farmers.

In line with the responsibility of driving the economy and income of the people in the region, KADA is also the liaison of government in agriculture as well as carrying out agricultural development work as the basis of socio-economic development and national sovereignty in agriculture in Kelantan.

Since its inception, apart from the KADA agricultural field has also planned various reforms and developments for communities within the KADA region especially in the effort to produce entrepreneurs who produce various agricultural-based products from entrepreneurs using conventional equipment to modern KADA always assisting entrepreneurs under the guidance until they successfully stepping into the international market.

To enhance success and maintain it I hope that the cooperation between KADA and farmers, breeders, Farmers' Organizations, other entities and entrepreneurs will continue and necessary changes in the transformation efforts to achieve greater success. Only with this powerful collaboration can continue.

Let us work together to drive the country's agricultural industry so that Food Sovereignty will continue to be prioritized.

Thank you.


YB. Datuk Sr. Hj. Md Alwi Bin Hj Che Ahmad