KADA Chairman


Assalamualaikum w.b.r.t.h. and  Salam Sejahtera

2012 is behind us as we now move forward into the year 2013. Before moving on, let us reflect for a moment on ourselves in evaluating the extent of our achievements so that it inspires and motivates us further towards improving our performance in the future.

In efforts to achieve excellence, it’s best that we take a closer look and examine other successful nations especially the Japanese as a prime example and guide for us to achieve even far more greater successes.

From my observation, the Japanese practices the 3M principle in order to measure the success rate within a field, which are:

First M : To analyse (Menganalisa)
  : To study in detail the current situation especially on relevant information in order to identify the existing strength and weaknesses.
Second M : To plan (Merancang)
  : To make rigorous planning and develop the most effective strategy based on the information acquired through the analysis and study done earlier.
Third M : To implement (Melaksana)
  : To implement a programme with full dedication and determination based on the programme planning carried out.


I am very confident that if we appreciate and practice the above mentioned principles, we too will be able of achieving excellence.

As a federal government development agency, KADA should honour and strive for the best so that the programmes and policies set by the government can be successfully implemented. We should also be more innovative and creative in generating new ideas and think out of the box to be outstanding.

As a member of KADA under the competent leadership, we should further strengthen our teamwork spirit. Despite our different roles and duties, we should complement each other to achieve our goal.

Let us work together and strive to achieve bigger success in the future.

May Allah bless our commitment and give us the best in what we do. Thank you.



YB Datuk Hj Md Alwi Hj Che Ahmad,
KADA Chairman.