Introduction Pesticides

One of the main issues for those involved in plantation and agriculture is the usage of pesticides. In the recent headlines, there has been an outbreak of brown planthoppers which has destroyed 211 hectares of paddy. This arising concern has triggered a discussion on the possibility of the excessive usage of pesticides which has not only killed harmful pests but also those that helps to combat these pests. Thus, the matters which will be addressed here would be related to the regulations and management of pesticides in Malaysia's agricultural industry.

In Malaysia, pesticide products are assessed in terms of their:

• biological efficacy
• suitability for local market needs
• use recommendations
• limitation of risks to human health and the environment
• legality of use, which are proven with the registration or a rejection of the registration

As required, the Pesticides Board needs to have certain pesticides registered to enable legal distribution in Malaysia. Therefore, copious research and assessment of the products have been carried out before the pesticides are made available for sale in Malaysia.

Among the main challenges related to plants’ health and pesticides would be endocrine disruption, breeding and developmental damage, neurotoxicity, increased morbidity rates, and others. In Malaysia, one of the concerns would be that because of multiple exposures and multiple characteristics of pesticides, which cause the difficulty to diagnose a certain disease attributed to the effects of pesticides. Ongoing research needs to be done on the subject of the correlation between pesticide use and public health in Malaysia in order to obtain satisfying results.

At the moment, The International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides is a method to ensure of the proper regulation for pesticides in Malaysia, as well as globally, to reduce the risk of damage to both crops and humans alike. As stated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), this code leads to sound management of pesticides which focuses on risk reduction, protection of human and environmental health, and support for sustainable agricultural development by the effective use of pesticides and applying IPM strategies”.

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